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In the News

Fancy new airport hotels are just for Fido and Fluffy
Doggie resorts are starting to appear at some of the USA’s largest airports. A growing number of airports are seeing 24-hour pet hotels being built inside or near their compounds, saving travelers the headache of scrambling to drop off their dogs or cats at neighborhood kennels.

No owners allowed: new hotels pamper pets
There are a growing number of amazing hotels just for your pet—no people, please! There are three locations for this dog and cat resort—two in Chicago and one in Dallas/Ft. Worth—each near airports. Accommodations include large dog suites, as well as a gated community of bungalows for cats (select bungalows have window perches and fish aquariums).

When the Fur Doesn’t Fly
Spacious rooms, plush bedding, spa treatments, a large swimming pool and a lively social scene. It sounds like a dream vacation. But these amenities are not for humans; they are for pets left behind when their owners take plane trips.