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Puppy Program

New puppy join your family? How exciting!

We know how important proper socialization is for creating a happy and well-adjusted pup.

PUPPY 101:

  • Up to 18 weeks (16 weeks developmentally)
  • Learning at every experience
  • Can learn to bully or be bullied if not monitored in group play
  • Aren’t physically developed and can hurt themselves
  • Are at greater risk when exposed to unvaccinated dogs
  • Benefit from limited play or our puppy play experience
  • Need rest but energetic behavior is often misinterpreted as needing more exercise when rest is the key

We have created a special Puppy Program to help introduce your new fur-baby to our resort and help puppies be most successful in transitioning to playgroups long-term. As with young kids, puppies need help learning social cues and can sometimes get over stimulated by all the excitement of their new friends and not know how to take a break. We also follow strict cleaning procedures to minimize risk of illness within a controlled environment of other puppies.

Why A Puppy Program?

  • Certain large breed pups are too small for big dog and not appropriate for small dog playgroups
  • Puppies need a lot of rest
  • It’s beneficial for puppies to learn appropriate behavior from additional people
  • Helps keep them safe
  • Helps keep them from practicing inappropriate play

What’s Included In A Puppy Play Program?

  • Complimentary Playful Pooch Package – Two additional playtimes with a human friend or with other pups (when available)
    • In total, up to three play sessions (plus AM/PM potty) throughout the day – 10-15min midday session and 10-15min sessions in the AM and PM (the total number of play sessions received is dependent on when the pup is dropped off/picked up)
    • Intended for large breed puppies (up to 7 months of age) who are not ready for group play
  • Puppy Socials – Drop in and accompany your pup for an hour of socialization with other puppies and pet parents, get tips from our teams and meet new puppy playmates. (schedule based on demand)
    • Check our Facebook page for event times. Any changes or updates to our schedule will be posted there as well.

Requirements for Puppy Socials:

  • Guests must be between 8 weeks and 6 months old and have all age appropriate vaccinations (minimum of first round shots by 8 weeks, with all other shots completed by 16 weeks)
  • Puppies must be supervised by their two-legged parent
  • No sign up needed but attendance will be first come first served with a cap of 20 puppies
  • Open to new or existing customers
  • Pet Parents will need to sign in and complete a waiver for every social
  • Cost: there is no fee to attend

Puppy with Bow